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"Spring & summer"

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Gulbakkehus summer                                                    Aquatic plants                                                                    Appletrees garden 

Outer garden & house                                              "Playground" in outer garden                                             Annex from South 

                                Flowers in lawn spring                                            Palm near fireplace                                                    Clematis "The president"                                     

House from East                                       Terrace and palm inner garden                         Rhododendron garden 

Campfire garden                                                         Waterlilies lake garden                                                                 Palms in garden

Building a fire                                                Trampoline in outer garden                                       Field near house July

Terrace and palm inner garden                                         Terrace door East                                                     Chaenomeles                                           

House from East                                         Old pump courtyard                                        Trachycarpus fortunei